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Rabbiner in Florida auf dem Weg zur Synagoge getötet 12. August 2014

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Miami,Florida: Jewish Rabbi Murdered on the Way to Synagogue




Rabbi Joseph Raksin was walking to a Miami synagogue

when he was shot by two young men and later died of his wounds.



The Jerusalem Post: A Miami rabbi was murdered while walking to synagogue on Saturday morning, a Florida news station reported. Rabbi Joseph Raksin, 60, was walking to a North Miami Beach synagogue with a friend around 9 a.m. when two young men reportedly approached and shot him, Miami-Dade Police said. Raksin was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center, where he died shortly thereafter. Police have not yet determined if this was a hate crime. The two suspects ran away on foot and by bike and police still do not have a description of them. The Anti-Defamation League responded with shock and horror upon hearing of Rabbi Raksin’s death. “This is a terrible tragedy. While the motivation for this crime is still being investigated, nothing can justify the murder of an innocent man walking to his place of worship to pray on his holy day,” the ADL said in a Statement. The organization added that the incident might have been a robbery gone wrong.



„It was a hate crime because he was a Jew“:

Daughter of New York rabbi shot dead on way to Miami temple refuses to believe it was a ‘botched robbery’

Joseph Raksin, 60, shot dead in Miami, Florida on Saturday

The father-of-six was on his way to pray, as it was the Sabbath

Police believe the incident was a robbery gone wrong

But others argue Mr Raksin is the victim of hate crime

Miami synagogue sprayed with swastikas just weeks earlier 



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