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Amis halbieren Israels finanzielle Hilfe, aber geben Palästina mehr 11. März 2014

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Palestine Billions

USA kürzen finanzielle Hilfe für Israels Armee




Die USA haben ihre finanziellen Zuwendungen für das israelische Militär reduziert. Insgesamt wird die Armee dieses Jahr umgerechnet etwa 115 Millionen Euro weniger erhalten. Die Kürzungen sind Teil des Sparprogramms der US-Regierung.


Das war vor einem Jahr (08.03.2013)

Und jetzt?








Obama increases American taxpayer-funded aid to the Palestinians, slashes funding for Israel’s defense shield


Barack Hussein Obama’s fiscal year 2015 budget cuts the Israeli Defense Programs from $200 million to $96.8 million.

The Program includes Arrow II, Arrow III, and Iron Dome missile defense systems. Obama will, however, keep pumping more aid to the Palestinians, ensuring they can shoot even more missiles into Israel.




Independent Sentinel  Last March, President Obama released $500 million in “humanitarian” aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and was seeking another $200 million. In November 2013, Secretary of State John Kerry announced an additional $75 million in aid to create Palestinian jobs and help them improve roads, schools and other infrastructure. Israel National News reported that the U.S. plans to give $440 million to the PA in 2014.

When we give money to Palestinians, whether it be for humanitarian aid or roads, it gives them the freedom to develop weapons they can use against Israel. At the same time, the president is attempting to slash our defense budget and cut our army to the size of Turkey’s, actually smaller.


Republican lawmakers are opposed to the cuts to Israel and to our military. Defense systems are a priority for Israel to counter the frequent rocket attacks from Gaza and other areas.

If you will remember, in November 2012, Hillary Clinton and Mohammed Morsi allegedly brokered a deal for peace between Gaza and Israel when they were close to war. In actuality, Morsi fashioned nothing. He wanted to destroy Israel at the time.




Gaza never stopped shooting missiles over the border. In January alone, 30 rockets were fired according to the Israeli Defense Forces. This cut to Israel defense is a repetition of last year when Obama recommended the same cuts which were rejected by congressional appropriators.

Even Israell’s Iron Dome is slated to receive less funding. The Dome was critical to saving Israel when Gaza was lobbing those missiles. The Arrow systems which face the most cuts destroy ballistic missiles while they are in the air and have also been crucial in saving Israelis.





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  1. thomas Says:

    Die USA,die größte Gefahr für die Menschheit.,nach dem Satan selber.

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