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Paul Golding verhaftet und islamischer Terrorist Choudary bekommt Polizeischutz 25. Januar 2014

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BRITAIN FIRST Chairman Paul Golding arrested while Muslim savage, Anjem Choudary, gets police protection



Chairman Paul Golding has been arrested by the Metropolitan police. We have just been advised the arrest relates to an alleged “harassment” charge regarding Britain First confronting Anjem Choudary.










Britain First:  It seems in modern Britain that Muslim hate preachers are free to incite violence and terrorism but good honest patriots face police action immediately! I reported Anjem Choudary to the police earlier today for calling for all kufr to “be eradicated” – not even received a response yet. One rule for them and another for us it seems!

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Terrorist loving hate preacher Anjem Choudary has once again escaped prosecution for his venomous rants. Calling for the murder of politicians? Calling on supporters to be proud of being terrorists? All fine in the UK, the police can’t – or won’t – do a thing. Strange that, considering the police are so quick arresting other people for expressing far milder sentiments.

Make a comment deemed slightly racist on Twitter, perhaps utter a few words to the effect of “immigrants should go back to their own countries” on the train? You’re nicked! Your feet wouldn’t touch the ground on the way to a cell if you called on “proud terrorists” to murder the “great Shaitan” Choudary and his cohorts!





Anjem though? He can say whatever he likes, we’ll not do a thing. Is he a state asset as some people suspect? Or, more likely, is officialdom kissing the jackboot of Islam and there now exists one law in the UK for Muslims and one for everyone else?

When police spend weeks tracking down a woman who suggested Cameron should be egged, yet they take no action when Choudary suggests Cameron should be murdered, you know that there are double standards in play.

Islamic hate preachers are, once more, shown to be outside of the same laws applied to the rest of the population. The Shaitans of Sharia do what they like in Britain, seems the authorities are unable, or unwilling, to act.





Those running the show have, one way or another, seemingly surrendered our nation to Sharia already. With our chairman Paul Golding now in custody for allegedly harassing Anjem Choudary we already know the answer!

There are double standards, this Muslim scoundrel of hate can say anything (still not even had an answer from the police to the hatred complaint against him after he called for all kuffar (non muslims)  to “be eradicated”) and yet Paul is arrested for standing up for the British way of life, values, and doing so within the law of this land. 




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Join us in the fightback against all that would see the Britain we love destroyed! –http://www.britainfirst.org/join-britain-first/

We will never surrender, we will keep up the fight – for every attack they make on us we will grow stronger. Thousands of patriots were born on the day hero Lee Rigby was murdered.

We will stand, not take one step back. NO SURRENDER! BRITAIN FIRST – TAKING OUR NATION BACK!

Graeme Thomas Communications Officer




UPDATE: The British government has now banned Paul Golding form engaging in any political activities:

Britain First  The registered leader of a legal political party has been banned by the police from engaging in any political activity whatsoever, the first time this has happened in British history.

Paul Golding, leader of the Britain First Party and street defence movement, currently on the rise since the demise of the BNP and EDL, was arrested yesterday and questioned by ‘SO15 Counter Terrorism Command’ for allegedly harassing hate preacher Anjem Choudary.

On Monday (20th), Britain First confronted Mr Choudary at his home address.

The following day, after threats from Muslim vigilante groups, namely the “Islamic Emergency Defence”, Britain First activists returned to Mr Choudary’s house once again and also to the home address of fellow hate preacher Abu Izzadeen.

These activities are part of Britain First’s ‘Operation Fightback’, a direct action campaign utilising ex-military snatch land rovers from the recent Afghan and Iraq wars and surveillance equipment.

On Thursday (23rd), Paul Golding was arrested and questioned by ‘SO15 Counter Terrorism Command’ and applied with the following bail conditions:

– Not allowed to enter the Greater London area – Not allowed to engage in any political activity, including stalls, demos and Meetings.




UPDATE: Statement from Paul Golding regarding his arrest:

Britain First  “I have finally been released on bail for alleged ‘harassment’ of terror-linked Islamic hate preacher and global jihadist recruiter Anjem Choudary.”

“Unbelievably, despite being arrested for ‘harassment’, I was interrogated last night by two officers of the ‘SO15 Anti Terrorism Command’.”

“My bail conditions are draconian to say the least: I cannot enter the Greater London area for any reason, and cannot engage in any political activities whatsoever under any circumstances and cannot direct any political activities”.





“I asked for special permission to visit the London Borough of Bexley to visit my mother who is unwell and doesn’t drive, but it was refused.”

“I am an officially registered political party leader and I cannot engage in political activities of any kind! The same situation exists with party manager Jim Dowson, who also is pinned down by draconian bail conditions making it difficult to engage in political work.”

“Needless to say, we will be challenging these bail conditions legally very shortly, as they are outrageous and an affront to decency, freedom and our civil rights.”

“I am starting to realise that perhaps the whole point of this political persecution is to make it extremely difficult for me to do my job, to silence me, to drive me off the streets, to render it impossible for me to continue to run our successful fightback activities and to give the Muslim extremists room to breathe so they can carry on with their terrorist recruiting and hate preaching against the British people”.






“If that is the case, they seriously underestimate my resolve and determination never to be silenced and held hostage by the politically correct authorities.”

“My own family bears a heritage of fighting for Britain in world wars and I will not let my ancestors down.”

“They forget Britain First is more, much more than me, we are a movement and others will stand in the gap to continue the struggle to take our country back! So let them do their worst, we shall continue to do our best!”

“We will improvise and carry on the fight. It is easy to say ‘No Surrender’ but very hard to actually LIVE by that phrase, and the activists of Britain First Defence who lately have shaken the Muslim networks to their core are chomping at the bit to carry on the struggle”.





“No amount of arrests, death threats or harassment from the authorities will ever silence me and our activists. It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees, and we mean it.”

“The widespread messages of support from around the world and here in Britain have been amazing and give us the courage and heart to soldier on, regardless of the odds we face.”

“This is the UNITY we all crave, it is here, now, with all true patriots already!”

“Once again I thank you all for standing by the Britain First movement and our brave and dedicated activists, untold numbers of whom rang the police station holding me yesterday and some who even protested outside – thank you”.





“All I can say now is that they will NEVER silence us, NEVER hinder our fightback, NEVER put us on the backfoot and the fightback WILL continue, because for us protecting our people and nation means more than life itself.”

“Onwards Christian soldiers and fellow patriots of Britain, together towards victory .”

“Talk is cheap, now is the time to stand up and be counted! Now is the time to join the Britain First movement.”

Please CLICK HERE and join our Holy Crusade!





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  1. Garfield Says:

    In England herrscht die Schahria bereits…..Ich fürchte es ist inzwischen so…

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