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Europaweite „Defence League“ als Antwort auf Islamisierung und skrupellose Politiker 19. Januar 2014

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POLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE forms patrols to protect Polish women from Muslim predators and rape gangs






The Polish Defence League, which describes itself as ‘showing the true face of Islam and acting against the Islamization of Europe,’ started the operation in December in several Polish cities including Warsaw, Poznan and Krakow. “We are there to monitor clubs and restaurants where Muslim men prey on native Polish women, and to intervene, when necessary”.

Examiner (h/t Subramanian)  The English-language site for Radio Poland News is reporting on Jan. 15, 2014 that members of the nationalistic Polish Defence League are taking it upon themselves to escort Polish girls and women home after a night of clubbing, to ensure they don’t become victims to the epidemic of Muslim gang-rapes that’s sweeping Europe.





(As we seen countless times here and on other blogs) Gangs of Muslim men throughout Europe, especially Scandinavia and Great Britain, have taken gang rape to such proportions that the rape-gang members themselves have nicknamed their sexual attacks “tournante,” French for “take your turn.”

Radio Poland notes that “patrols” in Warsaw, Poznan and Krakow will begin escorting women from “the ‘threats’ of getting involved with Muslim men. Defending Polish Women… Also cited was an incident earlier this month in a Warsaw nightclub “where the ‘activists’ – who were defending the honour of Polish women’”.






With one of the smaller Muslim communities in Europe estimated between 20,000 and 40,000 but expected to grow due to Poland’s liberal immigration laws and relaxed requirements for political asylum, certain Polish men are proactive in ensuring the “rape jihad” doesn’t reach epidemic proportions in their homeland. Due to illegal immigration, authorities are unable to get a solid number.

Radio Poland News cites a recent posting on the PDL website which warns violent Islamists that despite most European men looking the other way, Polish men won’t.






In Poland, there will be NO sharia law. NO headbanging or shouting Allahu Akbar in the streets. NO insulting our religion and our culture. NO burning cars like in France. NO burning down police stations [like in Sweden]. NO imposing your ways on us. NO calling us the sons of apes and pigs. If you do, we will be the ones waging jihad…on YOU!

Radio Poland News failed to cite the Open Doors study that the targeting of Christians for murder simply due to their beliefs has doubled world-wide in 2013: Overwhelmingly, the main engine driving persecution of Christians in 36 of the top 50 countries is Islamic extremism.





























































Auch Nazis werde sich erheben und sich diesen Patrioten anschließen, um den Wahnsinn zu stoppen …

Niemand kann es hinnehmen, dass sein Land, seine Kultur, Bräuche und Identität weggenommen werden!?!



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