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oksana aslanova war auch eine zum Islam übergetretene Terroristin 31. Dezember 2013

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Zum Islam übergetreten und einen islamischen Terroristen nach dem anderen geheiratet, welche bei Terrorakten getötet wurden.




Volgograd suicide bomber had been widowed twice with Islamist husbands killed in attacks

This is the woman who blew herself up in a suicide attack at Volgograd train station in which 17 people were killed. The suicide bomber was named by Russian media as Oksana Aslanova, who was in her mid-20s. She detonated the device at the entrance to the station when police approached her with a metal detector. One eyewitness told local media: People were lying on the ground screaming and calling for help. Another told Rossiya-24 TV: „Some people started running and others were thrown back by the wave of the blast. It was scary„. Chechen militants were suspected of being behind the deadly blast and a second on a bus in the south Russian city, formerly known as Stalingrad. Both attacks happened within 24 hours of one another. According to reports, Aslanova had been married twice to men who had both been killed in clashes with russian forces. Kremlin mouthpiece Russia Today reported that Aslanova had been on a Russian government wanted list since June 2012.

The blast at Volgograd train station was followed by a second bombing, on board a trolleybus during rush hour, in which at least 14 people were killed and 30 were wounded. Unconfirmed reports claimed the attack may have been a bid by Islamist miliants to draw attention to the struggle between Russia and rebels for independence for Chechnya in the Caucasus, ahead of the start of the Sochi Winter Olympics. The Games could be a magnet for rebels who believe they are taking place on land stolen from Muslims. In July, the leader of a group of Chechen rebels named Doku Umarov called for a wave of attacks against Russia to prevent the Sochi Olympics  taking place. {Source: www.ibtimes.co.uk – By Dominic Gover}

International Business Times UK

Siberian woman alleged to be „black widow“ suicide bomber in terrorist strike in Volgograd

Oksana Aslanova, 26, born in Tyumen region, named as killer in train station massacre.



At least 16 were killed in the attack on Volgograd railway station in southern Russia just six weeks before the 2014 Winter Olympics. Law enforcement officials named Islamic ‚black widow‘ Oksana Aslanova, 26, as being responsible for the carnage. While DNA tests had not confirmed this, Aslanova was widely reported as being the perpetrator. She had been on the wanted list for almost two years. Russian news source Life News published a picture of what it reported was her bloodied head lying amid a pile of debris with her long brown hair spread across the floor. She was reported as having been married to two Islamic militant leaders liquidated by Russian forces in the North Caucasus. She formerly lived in the town of Raduzhniy in Nizhnevartovsk district of Khanty-Mansiysk region, with population of 43,580.  ‚Aslanova was a wife of ‚General‘ Validzhanov, who was destroyed,‘ said a bulletin issued last month expressing concern over her whereabouts, and predicting she could make an attack. ‚She went through a training in camps and can become a black widow and take part in preparing terrorist attacks on the territory of Russia‘, said the Dagestan Interior Ministry.

Initial reports said she had two accomplices in Volgograd. Footage which was flashed around the world showed a huge orange fireball blow out the heavy front doors and windows from the grey stone three-storey Volgograd station. ‚A suicide bomber who was approaching a metal detector saw a law enforcement official and, after growing nervous, set off an explosive device,“ said Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the Russian Investigative Committee which opened a probe into a suspected ‚act of terror‘. At least 45 were maimed or wounded in the outrage. ‚Vladimir Putin ordered ministers and the heads of security agencies to take all measures necessary to establish the causes and circumstances of this act of terror, catching and bringing to justice those who stand behind it‘, said the Russian president’s spokesman. Russia’s interior ministry said separately that it was immediately stepping up security at all the nation’s main train stations and airports. ‚These measures involve a greater police presence and more detailed passenger checks‘, an interior ministry spokesman told the Interfax news agency.

Female suicide attackers have been deployed by illegal separatist organisations on a number of occasions. ‚People were lying on the ground, screaming and calling for help,‘ witness Alexander Koblyakov told Rossiya-24 TV. ‚I helped carry out a police officer whose head and face were covered in blood. He couldn’t speak.‘ Warlord Doku Umarov in July urged militants in a video posted online in July to use ‚maximum force‘ linked to the Sochi Olympics. ‚We can expect more such attacks,‘ warned said Alexei Filatov, deputy head of the veterans‘ association of the elite Alfa anti-terrorism unit. ‚The threat is greatest now because it is when terrorists can make the biggest impression,‘ he told Reuters. ‚The security measures were beefed up long ago around Sochi, so terrorists will strike instead in these nearby cities like Volgograd‘. {Source: siberiantimes.com}


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  1. marek Says:

    Es gibt keinen Moslem der Christ,Buddhist etc wurde und sich dann in die Luft sprengte somit ist der Beweis erbracht das der Islam eien gefährliche Religion ist.

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