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Zuwanderung-Lügen: Mass immigration is now considered genocide” by Germans 30. Juli 2013

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Anti-Muslim / Anti-Multiculturalism backlash is gripping Germany in a big way.


Video (German) has no subtitles in English, but translation is below: {(In Germany) Nothing is as frowned upon as “xenophobia.” Only evil people full of hatred in the heart have anything against foreigners. Is it not? But deep down inside you have ever wondered:  What do they really want here?  These are NOT asylum seekers!  Most are only here because here because of the generous  handouts, i.e., social assistance, and free health care.  Not to mention the free money from wealthy Europeans that lets them live better doing nothing all day than a whole day spent working in their native countries.  Is truly perverse that we welcome these parasites, not to mention criminals who rob, rape and murder. And as their numbers increase, so does the violence.  European politicians try to convince us that it is our moral duty to make our countries open to unrestricted immigration because of “human rights” and “our historical responsibility”. 


In Germany, it is because of  the Holocaust.  In France and England, it is colonialism. In the United States, slavery, etc.  And what is the real reason for the mass immigration? The international bankers and their henchmen, the politicians, want to replace the European nations with a mixed culture and national identity-free people to build a perfect system of exploitation: the “New World Order”-  Politics and high finance work hand ind hand. We will become prisoners in our own countries. Victims of our “humanity,” our misunderstood tolerance of intolerance. And in the end we will all disappear when it goes on like this.  By their sheer numbers, the foreigners are destroying European societies. In 2011 alone, ONE MILLION PEOPLE came to Germany, mainly from the “Third World and Muslim countries.” In Athens live over TWO MILLION (mainly Muslim) illegal immigrants.  The most common first name of male newborns in almost all major European cities is Muhammad.   If it continues, there will be as many foreigners as locals living in the European countries in the year 2040. 



Europe’s future?


Third world/Muslim immigrants come from filth and crime and have little or no education,

yet we are forced to tolerate their abhorrent conduct and archaic/barbaric religious customs.


Today, it is bad enough that our schools and institutions are no longer allowed to serve pork. Tomorrow, Sharia will be introduced. And we will be forced to comply. If you go to Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries, you are forced to comply with their rules and customs.  Europe is being transformed into a caliphate. The goal here is to destroy Europe and Europeans with mass immigration.  Recently, the German Bundestag has approved the use of armed forces in the interior, in the case of “catastrophic conditions.”  Under EU law, “insurgents” should be shot. (But they aren’t). These measures are not taken about because politicians are afraid of the millions of foreigners in our countries. This is exactly what is happening: We are displaced, so we must be replaced. German politicians speak openly of the “dilution of the German people” and believe that “Europe needs more diversity.” Sarkozy urged the French to be more multicultural, because otherwise they “would get trouble”. You are not crazy if you feel there are foreigners everywhere. You are not hateful, if you notice that many foreigners do not comply with our rules.  And you are not a racist if you want the foreigners go back to their own countries.  Turkey is for the Turks”!  Why must Germany also be for the Turks?  The slogan of the biggest Turkish newspaper “hürryiet” is “Türkiye türklerindir” (Turkey for the Turks) It’s time to get out of Germany and go home -to Turkey. Where welfare benefits are  just for the Turks from Turkey}. {Source: http://www.barenakedislam.com}


2 Responses to “Zuwanderung-Lügen: Mass immigration is now considered genocide” by Germans”

  1. 80.5 Millionen Einwohner hat Deutschland.
    Davon kommen 5.5 Millionen aus Europa und lediglich 1.6 Millionen aus der Türkei.
    Außerdem leben eh nur 16 Millionen Menschen mit „Migrationshintergrund“ in Deutschland.
    Also 23 Millionen ethische Nicht-Deutsche und 57 Millionen ethische Deutsche, etwa der Stand von 1990 und bloße 8 Millionen weniger als 1933.

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