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Tamarod-Kampagne erreichte „15 Millionen“ Unterschriften 15. Juni 2013

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Die große Flucht der Moslembrüder-Giganten begann schon


„Die ägyptische Zeitung Alwafd: Almorsched Mohamed Badie brachte seine Familie in Jemen unter und die Familie von Khairat Alschater verließ Ägypten schon. Die Dscihadisten sind höchstens 2000 Mann“.






In Alharam und in Imbaba wurden die Morsi-Bilder verbrannt und mit den Füßen zertreten







An Upper Egyptian farmer in Sohag signs the Tamarod petition, calling for early presidential elections. (10 June 2013. Photo by: Abdel Fatah Abbas/Al-Masry Al-Youm)


An Upper Egyptian farmer in Sohag signs the Tamarod petition, calling for early presidential elections.

Egypt’s groundswell opposition Tamarod campaign has almost gathered 15 million signatures, according to spokesperson Mahmoud Badr.  The umbrella group, which means „rebel“ in Arabic, originally set the goal of 15 million signatures for a petition which will rally for early presidential elections on June 30. „We are studying the possibility of confidentially submitting the forms to the Supreme Constitutional Court before 30 June,” Badr revealed. “We are printing the forms on CDs to preserve them”. Female members of the opposition National Salvation Front handed over another 50,000 forms to the campaign on Sunday. „We all support the campaign,“ said Mona Mounir from the Free Egyptians Party. Abdel Meguid al-Kholy, head of the Farmers Union, said the union is organizing an event for Friday for all farmers from Menufiya and neighbouring governorates to collect more signatures.  “We are against the Brotherhood following the same policies of the disbanded [Mubarak-era] National Democratic Party,” he said. Tamarod’s spokesperson in Paris, Basma Awad, has claimed she has coordinated with French police to stage peaceful solidarity demonstrations outside Egypt on 30 June. „We will raise the Egyptian flag and pictures of the martyrs of the revolution,” she said. “We want to withdraw confidence from President [Mohamed] Morsy,” said campaign coordinator in Paris, Ahmed Ismail. {Source:  Al-Masry Al-Youm  –   Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm – www.egyptindependent.com}

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„Tamarod Week“ commences


Tamarod announces week of continuous visits to governorates to meet with social and political factions in anticipation of protests on 30 June


Tamarod campaign announced Tamarod Week of continuous visits to numerous governorates across Egypt to coordinate with all political and social factions their plans for June 30th and their demands for after the fall of President Morsi. “The leaders and central committee members of the movement will visit as many governorates as possible during the week,” said Mai Wahba, Tamarod spokesperson, to Daily News Egypt. At the time of the interview Mai Wahba along with Tamarod leading figure Islam Hamam were “on their way to South Sinai for a meeting with leading families and tribes to discuss what will happen on 30 June and what they want after”. “Different people want different things, some want early presidential elections, other want first to form a presidential council and other first want to focus on writing a new constitution”.


Other members of Tamarod are also travelling throughout Egypt, including visits to Shebin El-Koum in Menufiya, Port Said, Kafr El-Zayat and Upper Egypt to meet with families and try to come up with a “written agreement for what everyone wants for the period after Morsi,” said Wahba. Wahba said that on 25 June, after Tamarod Week, there will be a press conference announcing the result of the meetings that took place. Hamam said that there will be “marches to pave the way for 30 June”. Tamarod, a petition campgain seeking to withdraw confidence in President Mohamed Morsi and calling for early elections, continues to collect signatures. “We still haven’t counted the online petitions and those of Egyptians living abroad, either way we expect that the protests will include much more people than those who signed the petitions,” Hamam said. {www.dailynewsegypt.com – By Mahitab Assran}


Daily News Egypt

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