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Paris ist nah: Wie lange noch, bis es europaweit so weit ist? 14. März 2013

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My Jihad in Paris: Muslims Harass, Attack Christian and Jewish Neighbors, Police Refuse to Help

I received this harrowing letter and the photos above from an Atlas reader in Paris: {I am a young French woman from Paris and I study at the university. I’ve been living there all my  life and troubles are currently reaching a point that I have never  witnessed in my whole life. Believe me, Pamela, things are worse in Paris than the media and  administration would like people to believe abroad. I turn to you  because I have followed your blog for a long time and I am an absolute  fan of your work and of your courage as a woman of truth. I hope that  you will post my message on your blog and tell the world about what is  going on here so that people will fight these horrible pigs. Pamela, as I am forced to bear the economic disaster of a horrible  socialist government, I live in a crowded suburban building full of  these Muslim and Arab people. And since the election of an islamophilic  liberal president in may 2012, they feel free to express their views  explicitly and to persecute us, as well as some Jewish residents (there  are about 30 of them).
As an example, this morning I went back from the supermarket with  my bag full of pork chops, which I intended to cook for lunch. When she  saw me, my Muslim neighbour, a fat woman wearing hijab, pointed at my  open bag and yelled: „Pork forbidden in this place, you disgusting  witch!“ And then she literally attacked me, snatching the bag from me  and throwing it onto the floor so that my eggs were broken. And it  doesn’t stop there. This afternoon, when my husband came out of the flat, he saw this awful writing on our door : „PIG FLAT“ („apartement des  cochons“ in French). And even more awfully, the door of our Jewish  neighbours‘ flat was covered with swastikas and this bloody writing:  „SALAM HITLER“. I did not even dare take pictures of this attack for  the police, because I feared their reaction and bloody violence. Last time, when my sister came to see me, a woman dared to smack her on the bottom and say: „Cover your body, you slut!“ !!!
One Jewish little girl was forced to eat pork while on her way back home. They  told her they would kill her parents if she refused to do so. I swear  you before God that these events DID happen here in France, and they  happen in every city, yet nobody knows it abroad. When we all went to the police station to report these events, the  only thing they could answer was „Sorry, we can’t do anything about  that.“ When we asked them the reason for this refusal, they only said:  „There are too many of them. We should be 3,000 more to fight them back. We fear reprisal like you do.“ Do you realize???? The French administration and police are gathered to let Islam  spread in our country like poison and destroy our lives. Our president  is the friend of Muslim people. I cannot bear this alliance any longer.  There is absolutely no organization which can help us, we are lost, and  even the media hides the truth by displaying a friendly image of Islam. Please help us, Pamela. You are the only person whom I believe to be still capable of reassuring me and fighting by my side.
I would like you to publish my testimony as a proof that we are not safe  here so that the world knows what is at stake in the  antisemitic-islamomaniac country where I live. I thank  you deeply and frankly for all the work you have  accomplished. You are our voice and your fight. Thank you so much. Keep  fighting for us and we will fight for you. Long live Israel,  our common Jewish and Christian heritage and the only civilized place in the Middle East. May the savages‘ bloody hands perish and leave us in  PEACE for God’s sake !!!! PS: If you publish this  testimony, please please please, do it anonymously, because I fear  reprisal so much. I know that French terrorists watch your blog a lot.  Thank you}.


And a second email with the photos above: {Here are the photos. I tried to erase  the black writing on my door but haven’t been able to. After you asked  me to take pictures today, I did (unfortunately, the pig’s head is  hardly visible because I have struggled to remove it). They wrote:  „apartement des cochons,“ which means: „pig’s flat“ in French. Since  then, I have bought some bleach water and successfully erased the whole  thing, spending one hour on it this afternoon. Who paid for the product? The victim, obviously not the murderers. I also took a picture of a „dress“ my hijab-head-neighbour brought me at  home a few days ago: she said that „now it is the compulsory  (obligatory) clothing to leave home“!! It is a kind of black sheet, the islamic feminine uniform. There is a headband at the top that you tie  up around your forehead. And I am supposed to go out dressed like that! My Jewish  neighbour, Sarah, told me that they brought her a similar dress too, but  she refused to take it and closed the door on them (that might be the  reason for the swastikas on her door). To answer your question, I live just next door to  Paris in a very well-known town „Villiers-le-bel“. You can check on the  net, it’s a jihad town known for its Islamic population, its mosques and its very poor white population. Search in „google images“ to witness  the wonderful events that have happened there}. {atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com}


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