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Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe 18. März 2010

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News: The Christian Institut published a report called „Marginalising Christians“, cataloguing numerous cases of Christians being sidelined by public bodies, popular media, employers and facing barriers to public funding in the UK. 84 pages of incidents portrayed on http://www.christian.org.uk/wp-content/downloads/marginchristians.pdf
The late Pope John Paul II mentioned in a speech he delivered in 1983 in Lourdes besides „common forms of persecution“ not to overlook „more sophisticated punishments, such as social discrimination or subtle restrictions of freedom, possibly leading to a kind of civil death“. Read more statements by well-known people…
Latest cases of christianophobia
Germany: Crosses Removed From Hospital Walls and Thrown Into Trash Bags: February 2010: Twelve crosses were removed from the walls of the surgery unit of the public hospital of Bad Soden, Germany, in February, while patients were watching.
United Kingdom: Sex-Ed Bill Passed Forcing Schools to Promote Homosexuality, Abortion:  February 2010: Under the bill, schools, both religious and secular, will be required to give children information on homosexual relationships as well as artificial contraception and abortion, including on how to obtain abortions and contraceptives. Catholic and Anglican schools will be required to promote abortion, contraception, „civil partnerships“ and homosexuality as „normal and harmless“.

Netherlands: Gay Service Disruption and Priest Sued over Communion Refusal: February 2010: Openly homosexual activists disrupt Catholic services for refusing Holy Communion to open homosexuals.



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